Who Are We?

Glenlea Driving School is a family business based in Rockingham and services surrounding areas.  

We take pride in creating a friendly experience and aim to provide learner drivers with confidence and knowledge to become safe drivers in the future. Glenlea Driving school is dedicated to creating not only skilled drivers, but efficient drivers who are road aware to ensure THE safety of everyone at all times.  

Some of the skills we aim to pass on to our learners are: * Planning Ahead * Spotting Hazards in Time to React Safely * Understanding Road Rules and Movement of Traffic * Developing Safe and Patient Driver Attitudes * Breaking Driving Systems Down for a More Basic Easy to Understand Method of Learning * Smooth Confident Use of a Vehicle and its systems

"A massive thank you to Glen for teaching my wife and my daughter to pass their test. Now he is teaching my son to drive and this time I will let him teach him right from the beginning so he doesn't pick up any bad habits, I thought I knew it all after driving for 30 years. Amazing how much I am learning going out on the lessons with my son, I would highly recommend this to all parents as it really shows us how to continue teaching our children between lessons. Thanks again Glen, you really are an amazing teacher!"

Rob Brown

Only $55.00 for a full hour lesson...